Meet the Director

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the IFUSS website and to our global community of scholars. For more than fifteen years we have worked to construct a key nodal point of vibrant exchange among scholars from around the world who share intellectual passions for understanding the United States’ complex of cultural practices, institutions, histories, cultural products, and multiple communities.

We have always believed that the intellectual communities we are each embedded in matter, and that the unique scholarly traditions, questions, and sense of urgency that each of us brings to this work from our locations around the world benefit from constant contact with other multiple angles of vision.

To this end we host research residencies by distinguished scholars, symposia, international conferences, and publications built through an ever-growing web of scholars from around the world. I invite you to explore this website to find out about our past initiatives and current and future projects. We would love to hear from you!


Jane Desmond
Co-founder and Director, IFUSS